Angeles ibirika

Angeles ibirika

The romantic divan – interview angeles ibirika

Angeles Ibirika, the eldest of four siblings, is a simple woman who loves nature, animals and tranquility. She lives in the countryside, with the love of her life and her children, Aitor and Irati. A lover of pleasurable moments of reading, she especially enjoys creating her own novels.
When they stopped needing her, she began to narrate the lives of the characters that live in her thoughts. You can’t listen to them forever and not write what they tell you, she assures while, surely, her head weaves her next story.

Before and after hating you – ángeles ibirika

Matthew never thought that his successful career as a baseball player would be cut short by his own decision; that he would disappear from the face of the earth to embark on a dangerous adventure into the unknown.
«Entre [email protected] is a novel that you will fall in love with from the very first page, drawing you into a setting of incredible beauty and increasing your fascination as the story unfolds. «Nieves Hidalgo «The Roncal Valley, an area of the Pyrenees shaped by ancestral traditions. A place full of forests, simple people and [email protected] An exceptional location to recreate this novel of feelings, grudges and confrontations that entangles us, however, in one of the most beautiful love stories. Entre [email protected] is a novel that makes you fall in love from the very first page, drawing you into a setting of incredible beauty and increasing your fascination as the plot of this amazing story unfolds. The writer does not simply stick to the romantic story of her protagonists, but involves you in the spiral of their lives, forcing you to get excited with them and give your opinion out loud about the conflict of emotions that both attract and alienate them at the same time. Review:»@ngeles Ibirika is a wonderful storyteller. A true sparkler for readers of passion novels.»-Nieves Hidalgo

Donde siempre es otoño ángeles ibirika

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Before and after i hated you ángeles ibirika

«-Love must be something that makes you lose your mind,» he whispered, «something that binds you forever to some eyes, that doesn’t let you breathe when you can’t look into them…-Do you really think there is such a love? -she asked, stunned by his words- -I’m sure.»
«-Do you remember what this point in the center means? (…) I am me: your axis, your beginning and your end, your love, your life (…). And I will always be. It is written here, and on the coffee grounds, and surely it is written everywhere imaginable. You are mine and no one will ever separate us.»
«-Because hatred is the most distressing prison that can exist-» he mused walking backwards, never ceasing to look at her, to engrave her in his retinas and in his heart-. There is no courtyard, no windows, not even the slightest hope of freedom; hatred makes you resist, keeps you alive, but at the same time it leaves you without a soul».
«There are reasons impossible to understand and wounds impossible to heal. -Because of silence,» he said for a moment, but Kaiet remained immobile, «Silence does not heal wounds. It is by speaking,by shouting where and why they hurt;it is by putting them out into the air that they heal.»

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