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Antena 3 has been dragging negative headlines every Tuesday for the last 12 weeks. And the repercussion of Apaches in terms of audience has not been very good. And yet, its broadcast has a double reading: the rest that has had the network that, despite its audience data, has decided to keep the broadcast without movements.

From the very first moment, the audience of Apaches showed that the data would not be good at all. For many weeks, the fiction has fallen to 7% of screen share. These are derisory data that not any television network would have kept on the air. In other times, this series would have been withdrawn or sent to a late night where it would go unnoticed.

In fact, moving Apaches to a second prime time could have made Antena 3 win the month of February over Telecinco, since both networks were only separated by three hundredths of a second. Any movement in their programming could have tipped the balance to Atresmedia’s side. However, Antena 3 preferred not to move its series.

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Apaches es una serie de televisión dramática española protagonizada por Alberto Ammann, Eloy Azorín y Verónica Echegui. Producida por New Atlantis para Atresmedia, fue sin embargo estrenada globalmente por Netflix en septiembre de 2017, para ser emitida en el canal en abierto Antena 3 en España posteriormente, a principios de 2018.

La historia está ambientada en los años 90, en el «arenoso» barrio de Tetuán, en Madrid[1]. Miguel (Alberto Ammann) ha dejado atrás el barrio obrero y se ha convertido en un prometedor periodista afincado en el centro de Madrid, que vive con Cris (Elena Ballesteros), una abogada[2]. Sin embargo, después de que su padre sea víctima de un fraude que le arruina, Miguel se ve obligado a volver al barrio y convertirse en un delincuente para salvar a su familia y vengar a su padre. [Allí se encuentra con su amigo de la infancia Sastre (Eloy Azorín), un delincuente de poca monta que mantiene una relación con Miranda (Ingrid García-Jonsson), y los dos amigos se adentran en una carrera de atracos y robos[4]. Todo va según lo previsto hasta que la aparición de Carol (Verónica Echegui), la novia del peligroso jefe criminal «El Chatarrero» (Paco Tous), amenaza con poner en peligro sus planes[2].

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The series produced by New Atlantis truly promised, being the adaptation of a literary best-seller, with prestigious directors such as Daniel Calparsoro, Alberto Ruíz Rojo and Miguel Ángel Vivas; and with a cast headed by Alberto Ammann, Paco Tous, Verónica Echegui, Eloy Azorín, Nerea Barros and Elena Ballesteros. But the expectation was almost completely diluted.

The author of the story and scriptwriter of the fiction, Miguel Sáez, acknowledged that «that a series takes so long to premiere feels regular» before its release, and director Daniel Carparsoro admitted his «frustration» for the «lack of support» from Antena 3 after the premiere. Atresmedia’s fiction director, Sonia Martínez, preferred not to respond: «Not at all. Besides, it’s something I’m not going to comment on. It is Daniel’s opinion».

The data has ended up being the greatest example of all the problems the series has had. Apaches premiered on January 8 to 2,259,000 viewers and a 13.1% audience share. This was only an acceptable figure, but it ended up being the best of all the episodes broadcast.

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In June 2015 it was reported in La Vanguardia that the shooting of Apaches began with Miguel Sáez Carral adapting his own novel, inspired by his own life, and a veteran as Emilio A. Pina (El tiempo entre costuras) in the executive production. But since that moment it had become almost a ghost of programming because it was supposed to make an appearance on the Antena 3 grid (first in 2016, then in 2017) and never appeared. Until this Monday, January 8, 2018, of course.

The story of Apaches begins with Miguel’s (Alberto Ammann) decision to leave his quiet life as a journalist. He is enraged because some corrupt businessmen swindled his father and left him up to his neck in debt and on the verge of death. The solution? To rob the businesses of these partners with the help of Sastre (Eloy Azorín), his childhood best friend, who is already an expert in the field of robbery and swindling.

Why do they use the first five minutes to summarize the whole starting point in a totally rushed and artificial way, as if it were a summary of a previous episode never aired? They present Miguel’s situation and then retell exactly the same thing but with more time (which slows down the narration). Is this a creative decision or is it because the channels are afraid that their audience is unable to let a story breathe?

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