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Arde Madrid es una serie de televisión limitada de comedia de época española creada por Paco León y Anna R. Costa, que se estrenó el 8 de noviembre de 2018 en Movistar+. León también ha dirigido todos los capítulos de la serie y la protagoniza junto a Debi Mazar, Inma Cuesta y Anna Castillo. La serie narra el periodo que la actriz estadounidense Ava Gardner pasó en la España franquista[1][2] El 14 de noviembre de 2018, Movistar+ renovó la serie para una segunda temporada, pero el 3 de mayo de 2019, los creadores anunciaron su decisión de no continuar con la serie[3][4] La serie se estrenó el 5 de mayo de 2020 en Estados Unidos y Canadá en MHz Choice, una filial de MHz Networks.
La vida de Ava Gardner en el Madrid de los años 60 se cuenta desde el punto de vista de su criada y su chófer, ambos espías del servicio secreto de Franco, que informan sobre su estilo de vida hedonista, lleno de un grupo de élite de artistas, aristócratas y expatriados.

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Lola Flores, “La Faraona”, is a pop icon for the new generations. Daring and brave in her dress, she created trends with her necklines and ruffles, her golden accessories, her dark skin and her marked corner of her eyebrows, it can be said that she was an ‘influencer’ before the term was invented.
“No one will take away my tail gown, I will die with it on, on stage I hope not, I will do everything I can to make it so. But in the box I still ask them to put it in,” said the singer of “Ay pena, penita, pena” in an interview.
Flowers have been part of her stylistic universe. The singer off stage acquired a more modern image, she anticipated trends, clung to necklines and transparencies, showed skin with authority, nothing was put in front of her.
There are artists, symbols of a historical moment that become part of the essence of the country, that is the case of Lola Flores, who was born in Jérez on January 21, 1923 and died in “El Lerele”, her chalet in La Moraleja, Alcobendas.

Maestro cano 100 years of stories new

Structured in chapters of her life that go from her childhood in Jerez to her performances in the great tablaos and stages, her appearances on television and her loves, ‘Lola Flores. El arte de vivir’ does not go into the “shadows”. It was from the beginning something that the author had clear: “I talked to Lolita and told her about the chapters, what I wanted to do. And I told her to be calm, because with her mother they are very restrained and you have to go with lead feet. I told her that it was not about casting shadows, but to praise the figure of her mother”.
That is why González has not been “interested” in her conflict with the Treasury, nor in her “lover El Junco”, nor in the “pact she might have had with her husband”. “I care about Lola Flores, the 38 films and the wild beast that she is,” he stresses. “The phrase that Lola Flores said when she had the problem with Hacienda today would be like asking for a “crowfunding” -she explains- but as she suffered so much I was not interested, and so I told Lolita. There is so much to tell that I don’t care about those things, it’s part of her, but you can say things without telling them”.

Arde madrid – de película (rne 29-09-2018)

The actress found in Madrid the light and freedom she longed for in Hollywood, but not everything that is told about her visit is true. Gardner was very clear about what she wanted from life and what she didn’t need from it, and her stay in the capital was a reflection of that.
It is said that Federico Fellini noticed Ava Gardner for the film that would later star Anita Ekberg. The “most beautiful animal in the world” surprised every time she went out at night. It was said that she was capable of winning over the most loyal customer in the bar by drinking, and that even with her body full of wine she still did not lose any of the glamour and beauty that had brought her to stardom.
Ava Gardner’s stay in Madrid was marked by the three places where she stayed. Chicote and the tablaos were her favorite places to enjoy the night, but the restrictions of Franco’s regime meant that the parties always continued at Ava’s house, whichever one it was.
Suite 716 of the Castellana Hilton became Gardner’s first home. In its walls, where many other big names before and after her passed, some of the most famous parties of the time took place. It was also the first stay in our country to see the actress’s lovers pass by every night for fear of being left alone.