Bore buika

Bore buika

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-The story of two lives and two parallel worlds; that of a girl who now discovers that her grandmother lived in colonial Equatorial Guinea in 1947. The series talks about these two lives, the grandmother and the granddaughter, and makes a parallelism between them; how different they are and what each one has had to live at the same age with the logical contrasts.
-He treats them in line with the colonialist system. Colonialism was not an equal arrival: there is an effect of superiority of the white over the black. The settler landed with a feeling of superiority rather than empathy and equality.
-I am a foreman who fights for equal rights and good treatment for the workers. The people of Equatorial Guinea, when the first settlers arrived, did not understand what racism was. People came from outside and the natives tried to receive them in the best possible way; from then on, the rest is history.
-Some time ago there was a possibility of participating in a series, but it didn’t work out. I always graze the stick, but the ball never ends up inside. I insisted a lot to be in La Caza. Tramuntana and it didn’t work out. Now I only need to represent a Mallorcan.

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Biuka said that it was thanks to the series Aida and El secreto de puente viejo that he began to be recognized on the small screen, then he jumped to the cinema, but not before having experimented in theatrical forums.
«It is a staging that has been seen by more than 20 thousand people. I entered its most recent season. It fills me with joy to be part of this play. I recommend all Mexicans who visit us in Madrid to go see it.»
«I just did a part in Cuatro patas, the new film by Gerardo Olivares that allowed me to share credits with Jean Reno. In addition, I will soon be shooting a film with Daniel Rovira and María León,» assured the brother of singer Concha Buika.
«We actors have a point that I don’t know if it’s masochistic or deep down it’s the fact of facing in such a real way your own self makes you gain like a great self-confidence and a very solid base that helps you to face everything.»

dos vidas’, la 1

El séptimo álbum de Buika, mayoritariamente autoproducido, La Noche Más Larga (Warner), grabado en Nueva York y Madrid, salió a la venta el 4 de junio de 2013. El álbum contiene cinco composiciones originales, incluyendo una colaboración con Pat Metheny en la composición propia de Buika «No Lo Se», y su versión de las canciones clásicas «La Nave del Olvido», «Don’t Explain», «Ne Me Quitte Pas» y «Siboney».
El segundo libro de poemas de Buika, A los que amaron a mujeres difíciles y acabaron por soltarse, salió a la luz a través de Edaf (Madrid) en otoño de 2014. Sigue trabajando en la producción de su primera película basada en uno de sus poemas, que se titula «De la soledad al infierno». Buika también está trabajando en una novela, una ópera y una exposición con su fotografía y las obras de su hijo.
En otoño de 2015 salió a la venta su octavo álbum, Vivir Sin Miedo, el primero que contiene composiciones propias cantadas en inglés, español y una mezcla de ambos idiomas. Vivir Sin Miedo fue grabado durante cuatro meses en Miami, Nueva York, Londres y Madrid, coproducido con el productor Martin Terefe. El primer tema, también titulado «Vivir Sin Miedo», fue lanzado a través de todos los canales digitales el 31 de julio de 2015[10] El álbum contiene colaboraciones, entre ellas con Me’shell Ndegeocello y Jason Mraz.

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Boré Buika is proud to be part of La lista de los deseos, the recently released fourth film by Álvaro Díaz Lorenzo, for several reasons. First, because it is a film starring three powerful female characters, those played by María León, Victoria Abril and Silvia Alonso. The first two are cancer patients who meet during treatment and who, together with a third friend, embark on the journey of a lifetime to celebrate the fact that they are alive. Boré Buika plays a surfing teacher who has a relationship with Eva, played by María León.
We caught Boré Buika enjoying a brief vacation («I needed it after confinement»), and very aware that his attitude has changed. «You have to live day by day, no more,» she says. «Because the next day the phone may ring and we’ll see why, whether it’s good, bad or bad… But don’t worry about that, you have to focus on today».
He knows how fortunate he has been to have experienced one of the first theatrical releases thanks to La lista de los deseos. «It’s been a cool experience as well as a strange one, with the distance, the masks… Doing things that bring us back to what we were is always good,» he says.

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