Cluedo 1910

Cluedo 1910

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One, being a resourceful person, has two starting points to define what happened on Thursday. First starting point: someone has taken Cluedo, taken it out of the board games and brought it to the theater. Second starting point: in a theater in Madrid they have knocked down a wall. The fourth one, to be precise.
We were saying that we came from board games and we arrived at the theater. That is: the story of Cluedo 1910 does not surprise you because you have seen it a thousand times -it is not the story that has to surprise you in this case-. Butler, valet, the archduke, the sister, the cousin and the Duke of Northampton who has been murdered. You have reason to suspect them all, but only one is the murderer.


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Interactive theater is here to stay thanks to bets like this. If you want to spend a different time and try another form of fun, do not hesitate to approach any of the shows of La Caja Lista.
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The approach of the play is simple, but has an interesting twist. The plot is the one we could find in a play of the detective genre in which all the characters suspected of a crime find themselves in a scenario, never better said, from which they cannot get out.
«La Caja Lista» is the wrapper in which the actors Adrián Martín, Alberto Campón, Alfonso Luque, María Sánchez, Javier Posadas (also director and scriptwriter) and Víctor Linuesa (also creative director) find themselves, like fish in water, who also perform «Protocol of Elimination», «Cluedo 1910 Murder at Northampton Manor» or «Cluedo Junior Robbery at Blitheroe School of Witchcraft and Wizardry» (the other interactive plays currently offered at La Caja Lista).
As they enter, they have to choose a card with their character’s name, profession and, on the back, a brief biography of the character. In our case, yours truly became Oswald Kotler, Geneticist, and my girlfriend Hildegarde Kellner, Cameraman.

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This stage that we are living has hit hard to the theaters, as we are checking in the talks we have had with them. In the case that concerns us today we are facing a very particular case, both for the scenic proposal that is made in La Caja Lista, as well as for the group that forms it, since as Victor, one of those responsible for the space, has told us, they are like a family, in which everyone is involved, from the managers to the actors. A united group that has managed to survive the forced closure and started from the first day with the shows they had on the bill in March.
On the other hand, the Cluedo shows are developed in the same way, in different times and scenarios. «Cluedo 1910» takes place, as the title makes clear, at the beginning of the last century in the mansion of Northamton, while «Cluedo 1942, murder on the Berlin Express» takes us directly to the Second World War and to one of the trains that goes from the German capital to Nuremberg. In both productions, the spectators have to discover who the murderer, the accomplice and the motive of the crime are, as in the mythical board game. All the shows are produced by La Caja Lista and are written and directed by Javier Posadas.

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