Escohotado la sexta noche

Escohotado la sexta noche

this is how the coronavirus can mutate – lasexta noche

But better than continuing to write myself, it would be better to visualize these two cuts of the interview that I have managed to capture: they are absolutely enlightening, -although diminished because they are extracted from some images of the «Sect»-.
That is to say, ‘what do you do’, (whether or not you support the counter Rule of Law, whether or not you support and praise terrorist murderers, whether or not you break the territorial unity, whether or not you indoctrinate in Gender ideology, whether or not you rewrite the Historical Memory under penalty of heavy sanctions, etc. and etc.), and ‘how do you define yourself’, (communist, separatist, coup-monger, etc. and etc.).

the extreme right wing is an invention of the left wing

«They have looked like ass,» Escohotado tells me over the phone after the interview, who considers the pixelation of tobacco a «censorship». In reality, the «censorship» of La Sexta is nothing more than the application of the Anti-Tobacco Law (42/2010) that prohibits the «broadcasting of programs or images in which presenters, collaborators or guests appear smoking». With Flanders laws of the same ilk, Lucky Lucke’s fag became a flower or Humphrey Bogart switched to mint chewing gum.
As for the team’s request for Escohotado to drink water instead of beer or a gin and tonic, the interviewee himself says at the end of the interview: «What a fucking interview with water».

antonio escohotado cuts to the chase and breaks iñaki down

The jurist, philosopher, sociologist, Antonio Escohotado, shows his reticence in Julia en la onda about positive discrimination because «I can not avoid that the concept of discrimination sounds to me the essence of injustice», so he wonders how long it will be applied. Escochotado has been on Julia en la onda presenting the third volume of his trilogy ‘Los enemigos del comercio. A moral history of property’ and talks with Julia Otero not only about positive discrimination but also about communism, capitalism or populism.

this is the object that will prevent makeup from smearing your

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