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No me toques los wasaps is the third installment and continuation of Xenia, tienes un wasap and Xenia, #KeepCalm, novels in which we met Xenia, a young woman who lives with her grandmother and dedicates herself to studying.
«Dear passengers: to avoid unlikes, please follow the relevant regulations and respect the train and station instructions. Your cooperation will be rewarded with likes. Smile!».
In Dakar, children run barefoot behind a pile of pilots crying «Barça ou barzakh!», an expression they apply to illegal immigrants coming out of the costs and which means Barcelona or death!

Gemma pasqual

Barcelona, Feb 13 (EFE) – The writer Gemma Pasqual vindicates fifteen great women of history in her new book, «Living dangerously», a claim that extends to all women of the present time because «we all live dangerously,» she said in an interview with Efe.
A writer specializing in children’s and young adult literature, Gemma Pasqual (Almoines, Valencia, 1967) has debuted in books for adults with a collection of 14 stories that tell the story of 15 women who have made history, most of them writers, but also painters or politicians, who at the time sought to develop in freedom in times with many restrictions for them.
For Gemma Pasqual, the fact of being a woman and being free already means living dangerously, and in this sense she explains that «any woman I talk about in my book and those of the 21st century, we all live dangerously, in fact some of them are even being killed».
With the tone used by women writers in their works and taking as a rule that they were women who had died long ago, Gemma Pasqual began her stories talking about the human and personal side of the protagonists, beyond their achievements or the reasons why they are known.

Gemma pasqual – la mosca

Gemma Pasqual nació en Almoines (La Safor) en 1967, y a los seis años se trasladó a Gandía, donde estudió en las Escolapias. A los catorce años se trasladó a Valencia, destino elegido por sus padres, donde estudió Administración de Empresas en la Escuela de Artesanos. Aunque prefería ser periodista, finalmente se decantó por el mundo de la programación, y así llegó a ser analista de sistemas en IBM Corporation.
Comprometida con su tierra y su gente, un día decidió cambiar su vida encontrando un nuevo uso para su ordenador. En lugar de elaborar programas y contabilidad, empezó a utilizarlo para escribir historias dirigidas sobre todo a los jóvenes. Además de mantenerlos entretenidos, estas historias les hacen reflexionar sobre la política, la vida social, la cultura o la vida actual, sin ser moralistas. Hacen reflexionar a los jóvenes sobre algo que es muy importante hoy en día. Pero, al mismo tiempo, les ofrece lecturas de gran calidad, lo que siempre es interesante.

Interview with gemma pasqual – terrícoles | betevé

With concern, I have moments of everything, anguish, fear, tranquility. The positive part is that it has allowed me to spend more time with my family. It’s been a long time since I’ve been at home, because I spend my life traveling and sleeping in hotels.
In my new book, ‘Like’, I talk about a flu pandemic. I can assure you that, when I wrote it, I didn’t even begin to imagine everything that was going to happen. Honestly, I don’t think I will include that topic in other projects.
When it comes to writing, there is a lot of difference. In juvenile literature I look a lot at the rhythm, I measure the words, the themes, the length of the novel, the structure. On the other hand, with ‘Viure’ I have found myself absolutely free; each story is written in a different way, I have experimented with the style and the structure. I had a great time doing it.
It has been my particular way of ‘living dangerously’. I have played a lot with the structure; in some stories the intercalated use of the first and third person, and in others, the first, third and second person enriched the text much more.

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