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The film delves into the concept of normality: «It advocates for grays, as opposed to blacks and whites,» says the actor. «It fights against the discrimination suffered by people who are different. In the end, the weirdo is the most normal of all», he assures.
The actor has prepared his role together with the Asperger’s Association of Madrid and has been able to see the difficulties they have to face a ‘standard’ daily life: «There are many people with Asperger’s syndrome among us and they don’t know it; they suffer every day the discrimination of others».

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At El Teatro, we have compiled some #TheatricalRecommendations on our Instagram account, so you can see the theater that actresses, actors and other artists of the scene recommend. So, we start this new installment with Niko Verona, a Polish actor based in Madrid who has participated in numerous plays and films in Europe.
In cinema, he has participated in several feature films such as El hombre de las mil caras by Alberto Rodríguez and Tini el gran cambio de Violeta by Daniel Monzón. He is also co-founder of the production company Fanda Films, and has co-produced and participated in more than 38 short films. Among which stand out The Working Dead, Happy ending and Downunder, which was nominated for the 2019 Goya Awards.
The piece Fires by Mouawad Wajdi directed by Mario Gas, produced by Ysarca and Teatro de La Abadía in collaboration with Teatro del Invernadero is a theatrical work in which, through the clues that the main character leaves to his children, Simón and Julia, they reconstruct their mother’s past in search of a father and a brother they never got to know.

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We inform you that in the remaining performances of Alguien voló sobre el nido del cuco. until further notice and for health reasons, the actor Pablo Chiapella will be replaced in his role of McMurphy by Alejandro Tous. The character of Dale Harding will be played by Sergio Pozo and actor Daniel Ghersi as Turkle.    We apologize for any inconvenience that this forced change may have caused.    Fernán Gómez Centro Cultural De la Villa – FG.CCV
Looking for his freedom, Randle McMurphy manages to escape from prison and be transferred to a mental institution, where he will meet the patients of the Great Nurse Ratched, a group of sick people who, unable to withstand the pressure of modern life and locked up by their own will, survive happily among board games and electric shocks.
Our staging is an idea proposed by a film production company, La Dalia Films, which sees a great opportunity in merging the experience of the image world of cinema with the emotional world of theater in a show that is close to today’s spectator.

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Real Sociedad and Monaco drew 1-1 in the second match of the UEFA Europa League group stage. After a very dense first half, the Txuri Urdin grew in the second half and came close to completing the comeback. In the end it was not possible and the points were shared. Niko Kovac, coach of the Monegasque side, commented on the game:
«When you can’t win, we didn’t have many chances, you have to know how to play for a draw. It’s important for the group stage and the upcoming matches. Real is a great team that plays very aggressively. Very good with the ball. With quality and aggressiveness it is very difficult. We defended well. Both teams could have won, but we leave happy with the point away from home.»
«I think it’s clear, when we send the ball out because a player has physical problems, you have to give the ball back and they didn’t do it. It wasn’t fair play and that’s why I complained. But that’s in the past.