Nubico movistar que es


When you have the Nubico Premium service contracted, you will receive an SMS on your cell phone with a web address ( to activate the service. It is essential that you activate the Nubico Premium service for it to work properly. Once activated, you can download the Nubico application on your device and start enjoying your favorite reading.

If you are already a Nubico Premium customer, when you have the service contracted you will receive an SMS from Movistar with a web address where you must complete the service activation process for proper operation. On that website, we will ask you for your Nubico Premium username and the next time you automatically renew your subscription, the card payment will be automatically cancelled and the payment will be charged to your cell phone bill.


Nextory has purchased Nubico Movistar. With the new platform you will also enjoy an unlimited digital reading service. In addition, with exclusive promotions for Movistar customers, you can get the service for free.

Nubico is a digital reading platform with which you will have unlimited access to books and magazines. With this service you can read the most important books and magazines on your mobile, tablet or e-reader, even in places where you do not have internet, as you can download them.

With each Nubico subscription, up to five users can use the platform to read whenever they want, even simultaneously. So everyone will have access to all the platform’s features, without limits.

The subscription reading service Nextory has bought Nubico. Nubico for Movistar no longer exists, it is now Nextory who provides books and magazines to the operator. For the moment, this change will not involve major changes in the conditions of Nubico Movistar customers.


When it was sold to Nextory, the Nubico catalog offered access to more than 60,000 eBooks and more than 80 magazines for a monthly fee of 7.99 euros, with a free month for new Movistar customers. With the arrival of Nextory, the catalog has multiplied, the app has improved and the fee has gone up, but the option to download online content and the free trial period for Movistar users have been maintained.

If you already had a Nubico subscription, you will keep the 7.99 euros per month in Gold mode until you unsubscribe, but you must download the Nextory application because the old Nubico app no longer works.

Movistar customers, as we said, have 30 days free to try it without obligation (instead of the 14 free days offered by Nextory). In addition, once this period is over, the Gold subscription fee will be 7.99 euros per month, instead of 8.99 euros. You can cancel at any time by sending an SMS with the word BAJA followed by space NEXTORY to 220595.


Do you know Movistar’s Nubico? It is a Netflix-like platform for reading: by paying a subscription, you will have access to thousands of ebooks. If this sounds like an interesting option, we encourage you to read on. We’ll give you all the details.

If you are interested in trying Nubico, the platform offers two options. If you have never enjoyed a free period, the platform allows you to try the service for 15 days, with the option to unsubscribe whenever you want. If you are a Movistar customer, you have a 30-day free trial. Below are the links, so you can enjoy the promotion.

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