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They have had the participation of such outstanding actresses as Belén Rueda, Mina El Hammani, Anna Castillo, Paz Vega, Rossy de Palma, Ester Expósito, Amaia Salamanca, Elena Furiase, Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, Juana Acosta, Bárbara Lennie and Jedet Sánchez.
I think it is a reality, we cannot talk about utopia. I think we are achieving many goals. Sustainable Development N5 talks about 9 goals that address all these commitments that we have to acquire, but I do think that it is a reality, that we are becoming more and more aware and that we have to fight for it.
I would not consider it feminist, we are talking about gender equality, it addresses much more. The goal we assigned to Elena’s photograph addresses child marriage and female genital mutilation. If you look at all the goals, they are not just talking about feminism, we are talking about gender equality, which is not the same thing. Men and women are equal.
The first session was with Belén Rueda at the Royal Botanical Garden and it was very curious because we got there and we were all kind of scared. We didn’t know how to react with the mask, the gloves, the gels… We looked at each other and didn’t hug or anything, it seemed like we were angry, until at the end there was a bit of an explosion inside the dressing room and we said ‘hey guys, with mask and all, let’s kiss each other back to back or something because it seems we are angry’ and the good vibes of these sessions returned, which there always has to be.


The Vice President, Minister of Sports, Transparency and Spokesman of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, today attended the presentation of the exhibition ‘N5’, by photographer Omar Ayyashi, who praised his “commitment to gender equality”.
It is a solidarity project whose benefits will go to NGOs that are responsible for this purpose. The event took place in the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid, which was also attended by the Minister of Social Policies, Families, Equality and Birth, Javier Luengo.
The vice-president expressed his satisfaction for the launching of an exhibition “that combines art, fashion, photography and a solidary purpose”. For Aguado, “the objective of the work of Omar Ayyashi challenges us to continue acting and to combat inequalities”, a task that “is incumbent on each and every one of us as members of society”. “Promoting gender equality must be a priority for administrations, companies, civil society and individuals,” he continued.

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Photographer Omar Ayyashi presents his new exhibition “N5” at the Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid, as part of the Madrid Design Festival 2021. The presentation of the exhibition to the media will take place next Friday 12 at 11:00 am in the Pabellón Villanueva.
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Omar Abudayyeh trabaja en nuevas herramientas de edición del genoma y de administración de genes, y en la aplicación de estas herramientas al estudio del envejecimiento. Aunque el CRISPR es quizá más conocido como herramienta de edición del ADN, el equipo de Abudayyeh ha descubierto nuevas enzimas CRISPR, como la CRISPR-Cas13, dirigida al ARN, y ha adaptado estas enzimas a nuevas tecnologías, como una herramienta sencilla y barata para detectar enfermedades humanas. Esta tecnología, denominada SHERLOCK, puede detectar virus, bacterias -incluso firmas genéticas asociadas al cáncer- en prácticamente cualquier lugar. Abudayyeh y Jonathan Gootenberg, becario de McGovern, siguen explorando los sistemas bacterianos en busca de nuevas tecnologías que permitan mejorar la terapia génica, así como aplicando estas tecnologías al estudio de los mecanismos del envejecimiento.
Utilizando la secuenciación unicelular de nueva generación y nuevas herramientas para perturbar los estados celulares, el Dr. Abudayyeh está determinando, con una resolución sin precedentes, los tipos de células que surgen en el cerebro que envejece y cómo los mecanismos, como la senescencia, impulsan procesos perjudiciales en los tejidos. El objetivo final es utilizar esta información para construir una hoja de ruta detallada de los circuitos de envejecimiento y, finalmente, revertir los estados de envejecimiento para regenerar tejidos como el cerebro.