Plaza cines luna madrid

Plaza cines luna madrid

luna cinemas

The short film reflects a moment of tension, when a worker rebukes him because he notices that he is being filmed: «They didn’t like the idea of this action being filmed,» explains Jorge, «perhaps because they were dismantling something dear to the neighborhood. It was clearly something controversial,» he ventures.
Jorge had emotional ties with these halls, which he had attended since he was a teenager. So he thought of taking advantage of the material he had recorded to make a short film, completing it with the scene of the gymnasium built in its place, which he shot some time later.  And he has just submitted it to the prestigious Notodofilmfest competition, where he already won an award in 2015 with the short film Ártico extremo.

the plaza de la luna, an interstellar gateway

Likewise, they assure that the gym «will be luxury» but «with affordable prices» in the center of the capital. In fact, the first opening promotion, already sold out, charged the first 500 people who signed up 19.99 euros.
In addition, in the basement, the two former movie theaters would be replaced by another stage space with capacity for 400 spectators and in which, due to its size, large-scale productions could not be staged, so that children’s plays could also be programmed.

cameras in the streets to deter crime

The Luna Cinemas opened on April 1, 1980, showing the films Sangre sabia (Wise Blood) and El cuchillo en la cabeza (The Knife in the Head). The square was a hotbed of prostitution at the end of the 20th century, until it was remodeled by the City Council. At present a Christmas market is held at Christmas and an ice rink is installed. On some occasions the space of the square is used for the preparation of medieval markets. In 2007, the square was remodeled several times, including a leveling of the square, some flush fountains, a children’s garden, and a vertical garden on one of its sides.

moon street

Surely if you live in Madrid you have ever passed by the Plaza de Santa Maria Soledad Torres Acosta, better known as Plaza de la Luna, in the center of the capital, just a few steps from the Gran Via.
A hotbed of crime, although it has become less so, in the 80’s the square was home to the popular Luna Cinemas, located in the area of the square where Luna street runs. That is why people know it as Plaza de la Luna.
And there, starting from the square towards Tudescos street, we find on the ground with a circular bronze plaque that in theory serves to alter space-time and give us access to another world.
On it we can read the following: «Today we call it the Plaza de La Luna but its original name was the Plaza de las Lunas, because the glow of the moons demarcated the limits of the square. In the times of Kcymaerxthaereal, every 257 orbits of our visible moon, the 29 invisible moons of the 29 alternative dimensions (each one symbolizing the 29 infinite negatives of any xthaere), all of them in their fullness (some were bigger than our planet), converged in this space. This conjunction of forces may be the cause or the consequence of this square being an unusual portal of incalculable value, a seemingly peaceful gateway to the umbrasphere, the connection between all the shadows, darkness and gloom of this planet we call Earth.»

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