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The Fallas 2015 also joined the party, highlighting the work of the fallero artist Javier Álvarez-Sala, of the Falla Conde Salvatierra-Cirilo Amorós, in which under the slogan «Love a la Reina», he reproduced one of the characters of the musical.

It was also a source of inspiration for all kinds of artistic manifestation in social networks, highlighting the incredible task of the craftsman Isaac Eceiza who has created the complete collection of the characters of the musical with Playmobil figures, a collection that will be exhibited at the Teatro Alcalá in the 2nd Season.

priscilla la reina del desierto argentina

Nuestro local está situado en el mejor barrio de la ciudad. Últimamente ha representado Grease, Priscilla la reina del desierto y la magnífica Billy Elliot. Tiene probablemente el mejor patio de butacas de Madrid con 850 plazas en toda la zona. Un hermoso edificio que cuenta además con un escenario totalmente tecnológico. Posibilidades de cócteles, zonas privadas…

Som produce gestiona también el Teatro Rialto, en plena Gran Vía, con 1030 localidades y una sala principal original de 1928, el Teatro Calderón, en la plaza de Jacinto Benavente, con capacidad para 950 personas y totalmente reformado, y también el año pasado han comprado el Teatro Nuevo Apolo con capacidad para 1000 localidades en la plaza de Tirso de Molina. 4 edificios teatrales para conseguir el liderazgo en espacios escénicos de exhibición en Madrid.

priscilla the queen of the desert musical

It has two halls. The main hall has a capacity of 1240 spectators and is equipped with a large stage where the most complex and spectacular shows, such as Billy Elliot, are performed.

Hall 2 can seat up to 250 spectators, making it an ideal space for shows in which proximity to the audience is a priority. It currently hosts the show Los Hombres son de Marte y las Mujeres de Venus (Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus), another of the great successes of the moment.


Have you ever stopped to think how much easier life would be if everything lived up to the expectations it generates? That governments would fulfill the electoral program by which they were elected, that the guy you met through a dating website would be 6 feet tall as he assured, that anti-wrinkle creams would really eliminate wrinkles?

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert is what it seems, it delivers what it promises. Certainly, not a Pulitzer Prize-winning dramaturgy, nor Tony Award-winning performances. But of colors, of lights, of wigs, of heels, of hairpieces, of casualness… Of all that, it has plenty.

Costumes, hair and makeup deserve a separate mention. Around 500 costumes and 200 wigs are used. So many that some of them are worn on stage for less than a minute. They include geniuses such as a dress with flip-flops, another that incorporates a large candy wrapper at the hips, another from which hang fabric tubes topped with balls that make a great effect with the movement, bell-bottoms with colored stripes that end in platforms under the feet…

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