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Series ghosts season 3

BBC comedy (Ghosts) about a motley crew of ghosts, from different eras, who have set out to kick out of their mansion the new tenants who occupy it: a couple who have inherited the house and want to turn it into a hotel. It is created, written and starred by much of the team responsible for Horrible Histories and Yonderland, two iconic sitcoms of great success in the UK. Matthew Baynton, Martha Howe-Douglas, Jim Howick, Laurence Rickard and Ben Willbond sign on as writers and creators.

Fantasmas movistar series

Fantasmas’ is a situation comedy of absurd humor about a motley group of ghosts from different eras who have set out to kick out of their mansion the new tenants who occupy it: a couple who have inherited the house and want to turn it into a hotel. The relationship between all of them will evolve between scares and surprises.

Behind the ramshackle doors of the Button mansion, the coexistence between the living and the dead has already become a bearable routine. Alison and Mike continue to monetize the house as a space for events and filming, including a documentary that delves into the past of the great mansion. Thus we learn the story of the beheaded Sir Humphrey, involved in a conspiracy to assassinate the queen.

But the relative tranquility of the tenants is interrupted by various situations, including a plague of woodworm or the unexpected visit of a woman who claims to be Alison’s half-sister. Meanwhile, the ghosts of Button House find new opportunities to mess up and make their non-existence more enjoyable, but also to learn and redeem themselves.

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Ghost’ is a series with that English sarcasm that is so appreciated when we see that they have been able to get rid of the famous English sophistication and refinement. A series without mincing words, which does not have to be considered R-rated, but it has no limits when it comes to being outlandish or absurd.

The series has a certain candor in its plots and also some mystery, because we do not know if they will all end up getting along well, if it will finally become a hotel or simply by the fact of discovering how each of them died. Why the ghost of the politician always goes without pants? If the whole series is like the first episode, we will be happy to find out.

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The idea behind the series couldn’t be simpler: a comedy revolving around a peculiar group of ghosts, from different eras and personalities, as they encounter the unexpected presence of new tenants who, without the means to maintain the mansion they have inherited, decide to turn their inherited land into a hotel.

It is not the first time we come across a comic production of supernatural protagonists living in the real/actual world without having much idea of how things work. We have the excellent ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ creating school. However, ‘Ghosts’ does not resort so much to a certain satire of the genre and the exaggeration of the ignorance of its characters, but rather advocates more of a British-style entanglement.

The screenwriters also get it right with another of their decisions: there is no difference between this group of ghosts and a group of cohabitants. I’m not saying that this is ‘La que se avecina’, but the script makes sure that we see these ghosts as an affable conclave of neighbors who resist the fact that their quiet mansion is suddenly not so quiet.

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