Teatro muñoz seca la mujer de negro

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The action takes place in an almost abandoned theater in London around 1950. Arthur Kipps is a lawyer obsessed with a curse he believes has been cast upon him and his family by the specter of a woman. He has rented the theater and hired a young actor to help him tell the terrible story that happened to him. In this way he will be able to overcome the fear that continually torments his soul.
But as they delve into her darkest memories, they both become trapped in a world of shadows, fog, mystery and terror… Will they manage to escape their own demons or will they remain perpetually tormented?
‘The Woman in Black’ was adapted by Stephen Malatratt in 1987 from the original novel of the same title by Susan Hill. Few changes have since been made to the very precise and original structure devised by this playwright who passed away a decade ago.
Privacy is a disturbing look at the lack of privacy in today’s world, where governments and corporations monitor and use the information we generate through our electronic devices without us being aware of it. Conceived by James Graham and Josie Rourke, the book is based in part on dozens of interviews the authors conducted with real people, from academics and historians to legislators and CEOs of various companies.

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This Friday, March 29, starts in Albox the XLIX Certamen Nacional de Teatro Aficionado, an event that will last until April 7 and will stage a dozen works of groups from Malaga, Granada, Murcia, Palencia, Cordoba, Lleida, Alicante and Madrid. All performances will take place at the Centro Municipal Agua y Salud from 7 p.m. onwards.
Mother and daughter face an extreme situation where the values we resort to in times of crisis come into play. Tragedy is irremediably approaching Olivia, but the ingenuous joy and natural wisdom of her daughter Ana make her see new alternatives, not all of them good or bad. Just other possibilities. In the process, Olivia makes a brave and sincere reckoning with her past and with society. After all, who is normal in this life: you, me, the others?
Vanda, against her will, adopts the role of mistress and accepts Severin as a slave. To this end, she draws up a contract, to be signed by both of them, one of whose clauses stipulates that she must be wrapped in furs as often as she can and, in particular, when she is cruel to her slave.

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Los Rebeldes, the legendary rock band led by Carlos Segarra, will be in charge of opening these concerts, with a double performance on Saturday March 6 and Sunday March 7 at 13:00. This concert is presented under the title “Rock and Roll Heroes”. Tickets are already on sale.
Among the artists who will take the stage in the following weeks are Pacho Varona (March 14), Efecto Mariposa (March 28), Tennessee (April 14), Rubén Pozo (April 22) and Malevaje (April 29).