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QUASAR Science Resources ha firmado un convenio con el COIE para poder ofrecer a los estudiantes de Máster de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid prácticas para trabajar en cualquiera de los proyectos con los que trabajamos.  Anunciaremos estos proyectos en las páginas de las facultades/departamentos correspondientes, así como en nuestra web.
Por ahora, tenemos un acuerdo con el Departamento de Astrofísica para ofrecer prácticas a sus estudiantes de máster. Si encontramos intereses comunes, estamos abiertos a tener acuerdos similares con otros departamentos de la Universidad.

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Social Psychologist or Social Intervention Psychologist: The social psychologist is a professional of one of the branches of psychology that in its historical evolution arises as a response to the need to analyze and act on the problems of personal interactions in their various social contexts. Social intervention requires an interdisciplinary approach in which the psychologist’s relationships with social workers, lawyers, sociologists, economists, and other professionals become an essential factor for the achievement of its objectives.
In this context, the specialization in Methodology is particularly indicated in the field of work psychology (personnel selection; ergonomic studies; job analysis, etc.). The Master offers a complete training in construction and adaptation of psychometric instruments essential in the selection and evaluation of personnel based on both classical test theory and item response theory. This training is complemented by a good foundation not only for psychometric studies but also for the presentation of results and reports related to personnel management.

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We provide you with orientation sessions and workshops to advise you in your professional career. You can register by calling 91 394 1600/1292. By carrying out these activities you have the possibility of credit recognition.
– A self-consultation section/classroom with free access, where you can obtain information through direct consultation screens and extensive bibliography. Also specialized staff for individualized attention to all those demands that require advice and assistance. It provides information of interest to university students on:

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Other aspects related to the quota of reserved places: In the proper degrees, sometimes, places are reserved but it is a measure subject to the criteria of the management of the degree in question.
Other information: Students with disabilities have priority in the choice of elective subjects. Even in the case that the quota for an elective subject is covered, this would be extended if there is a request from a student with a disability.
Other resources for access to face-to-face information or additional information: When a student with a disability requires some specific measure to access general information, he/she is referred to the OIPD, but not all the information accessibility measures required (such as ILSE) are guaranteed.

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