We are who we are hbo

We are who we are hbo

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We Are Who We Are is an 8-part series available exclusively in the U.S. on HBO Max. The first episodes dropped on the service on Monday, September 14, and new episodes will be released every Monday thereafter. Anyone with a subscription can take the streaming service and all its excellent content with them wherever they are. All you need is a good VPN, and you can try the best one 100% risk-free today.
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The Italian director takes the helm of a Sky/HBO co-production to talk about a group of «third culture» young people, a term that designates those kids who have grown up outside their «mother culture». Or, in other words, who have lived (or moved from place to place) in a country that is not that of their roots.
With a bit of awkwardness due to the volatility of the protagonist, Fraser will start to become part of the group of friends formed there with Caitlin (Jordan Kristine Seamon), Britney (Francesca Scorsese), Craig (Corey Knight), Sam (Ben Taylor), Enrico (Sebastiano Pigazzi) and Valentina (Beatrice Barichella). The cast is rounded out by Alice Braga, Spence Moore II, Kid Cudi and Faith Alabi.
Does Guadagnino’s vision of television mean we’re in for an eight-hour movie? No. Or, at least on a structural level, the filmmaker does take advantage of the virtues of the episodic format. This is not a series in which an episode begins and ends because it has already been running for 50 minutes.

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While we calmly await the sequel to Call Me By Your Name, fans of Luca Guadagnino can start preparing the couch to delight us with his new project: the series We Are Who We Are, which is highly reminiscent of the impossible drama of Elio and Oliver in its sensibility and aesthetics.
The two will strike up a deep friendship at a key age for the discovery and development of personal and sexual identity. Their romances, their fears, their worries and their turbulent family relationships will put them to the test, and everything that happens in these eight chapters directed by Guadagnino will mark their lives forever.

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As a lover of television it would almost be tempting to find a disaster in We are who we are, a failed experiment, a disappointment that highlights its lack of talent and the difficulty of creating in the television medium. But after watching the eight episodes one can only acknowledge his talent and appreciate a refreshing look at what we should expect from a narrative of an episodic nature (one is grateful that at the very least Guadagnino doesn’t sell the condescending reflection of «I shot a movie and not a TV series»).
HBOIn what sense? We are who we are is about adolescence and the awakening and sexual evolution of young people on a U.S. Army base on Italian soil. The main focus is on Fraser (Jack Dylan Grazer), a kid you’d want to throw overboard on the high seas, and the friendship he develops with Cait (Jordan Kristine Seamon), a reserved but popular person with a group of friends always ready to break the rules and smoke and drink and party like a champ.

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