Why are you like this

Why are you like this

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The Union considers that the community of states often appears to be reluctant to implement such rights by adopting special measures to enable members of minority and indigenous groups to bridge the gap between themselves and the majority population or, conversely, to preserve their own identities and cultures if they so wish. premisliteraris.com
The Union considers that rapid progress on the following issues is fundamental to the peace process: – relevant implementation of the agreements that have been reached, including the completion of the first phase of the withdrawal of Israeli troops, especially in Hebron, and the release of Palestinian prisoners; – positive steps to improve the economic situation of the Palestinians, including the rapid removal of the barriers, to ensure safe passage between Gaza and the West Bank, and the removal of obstacles to international aid as well as the realization of infrastructure projects (e.g. the Gaza airport),

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Your leap to fame came with Hospital Central, although you had already worked before. What is it about hospital series that invade the programming? Yes, they have invaded it and are invading it again now. Well, I don’t know if they have ever stopped being fashionable. I guess people can relate. A hospital is a place we will all go through sooner or later, but in the series it has the extra of the everyday. It’s a wonderful wrapper because you can put in there the issue from which fiction really emanates, human relationships. Besides, there are stories of overcoming, and that pleases us all. Advertising

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The single concept is what works now, people no longer have a place to play records. It’s even more feasible to release vinyl, because vintage is coming back, than the record itself. The digital platforms are what is booming the most.
A lot of prisms and keeping your feet on the ground. Knowing that you can be at the top, working hard, and then be further down. It brings you reality: to see that it is still a job like any other. In the end, what you have to do is to be professional, whoever you are with.
For me Galicia is my second home. The people treat me incredibly well, I have a lot of friends there, one of them lends me the piano, I stay with someone else… I love Galicia: I feel like going to play but I also feel like going to step on the land and enjoy it, and to enjoy the people. I am happy.
I have to say I’m scared (laughs). If before it was complicated to get people into a hall, now it’s much more complicated. But I can’t stop. Now perhaps there is more uncertainty, but we artists are used to it. We have to turn the coin around and think that every concert is a success, no matter how many people go. Generating concerts, seeing how things are going, already seems to me to be a success. I’m going there with that energy.

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The expert clarifies that the age to give this device as a gift «depends on many circumstances. It is not the same if your parents are separated, for example. More than age (although it is important), the key is the level of maturity and autonomy the child has. If he doesn’t do his homework on his own, he won’t have the autonomy to control the connection time. He is being asked to do something he is not ready for». On the other hand, she explains that «If they have a level of autonomy when it comes to studying, and they have these internalized skills, there is a greater chance that they will make correct use of the device, although we must not forget that adolescence is a time of great transgression and rebellion».
As for social pressure, Paoli notes that claims such as «I’m staying out» or «I’m not invited» by adolescents can generate a lot of tension and confusion in parents, but that this should not lead to unrestricted permission. On the contrary, parents must be prepared to take this step with awareness.

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