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You have just arrived new to this city, or you want to start from scratch in Seville, ok, what now? Well, in this website you have everything, from the opening hours of the Maria Luisa Park, to which beach is the closest to you in case you feel like a little getaway. Everything is everything, and everything is what we offer you here, a website that encompasses an entire city and tries to solve all kinds of doubts that may arise when you arrive new to a city, or simply to be able to be a veteran in Seville, and there are things that escape your hands, well here we catch all those little things!

Even within the web we have a section of Tours. Here you can see a fairly extensive list of all the tours available for you to do, as we have said, we do not like that you have to get to a city, and you have to stop to look for where to eat in a place, and then you have to look elsewhere for example where to find the best museum … What for? If you have our website, the moment you become familiar with it, it will become your best Sevillian weapon of daily and continuous use.

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The service worked well, although it didn’t save me from the insurance company calling me to try to hold me back and make me some offers, which I wanted to avoid because they are annoying, but the service worked perfectly after all, it was simple.

Unless you have a flexible contract, early terminations will require evidence of an exceptional case (death, moving, medical reasons). In the event that you have tenure, our cancellation letter will generally take effect from the point your tenure ends, unless you have valid reasons that can support early termination. Early terminations are subject to binding on GO Fit Sevilla and are verified on an individual basis.

Do you want to terminate GO Fit Sevilla yourself? No problem, here you can find the available contact methods, so you are sure to use the right information. To find the address of your center, enter the name of your GO Fit Sevilla center and you will find the address in our cancellation letter.

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Pass for an adult of legal age that will allow you access to the center during all the hours of the same. The price includes access to all water facilities, supervised activities and the fitness room without restrictions.

As a result, I am charged an extra month’s fee. I return the receipt and that’s when they tell me, no, you have to go to the center to physically pay the penalty. And I tell them, at what point did you tell me that? Never! They do everything over the phone so that there is no written record and then it is your word against theirs. As good salesmen they wanted me to go to the center to try to convince me and offer me anything, but they never explained to me that I had to pay this penalty physically and it seems to me a total scam. They have my bank details, I send an email with the requested data, … why not tell me make a transfer to this account, we charge you from the account you pay monthly, bizum, or whatever. What if I have gone to live outside, if I’m sick, do they make me go to the gym just to see my face and charge me in person? And what seems to me the worst was the treatment 0 empathize in Reception. As if I worked there and had to be a fortune teller.

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(22-10-2018). This planning contemplated an investment of eleven million euros that have been executed in phases and have allowed the renovation of spaces and equipment without ceasing the activity.

The mayor of Seville, Juan Espadas, along with the delegate of Sports, David Guevara, the president of Ingesport, Gabriel Sáez, the director of Go Fit Seville, Julián Navarro, and the Olympic medalist Fermín Cacho have visited this Friday the new facilities of the Go Fit sports center that is located nestled in Santa Justa coinciding with the anniversary of its opening and once the plan to update and improve its facilities has been completed.

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