Jorge garcia dihinx colesterol

Jorge garcia dihinx colesterol

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Espelunciecha with poor visibility, north corridor5 January 2018, Parking Anayet-FormigalLevel: 650 mTime: 2 h 40 minThe track:
Last Friday, January 5, the eve of Epiphany, we were expecting a day of sun and clouds, awaiting the arrival of the snow front for the night of Epiphany.  However, the southerly flow that preceded the arrival of the front, formed low orographic cloudiness in the Pyrenees, preventing us from the visibility we expected.
Seeing the poor visibility in the Glera de Anayet, we switched to a plan B, going for the north corridor of Espelunciecha, which, being flanked by rock on both sides, usually gives a visual reference of where one is. In the wide plain of the ibones de Anayet we would have had hardly any orographic references, immersed in a «white world».
The runner had a footprint but the hard snow made it advisable to put crampons, with which we continued to the summit. Once at the top of Espelunciecha (2,396 m), seeing that the day did not improve and visibility was very poor, we decided to ski back to Formigal, flanking under the SE face of Espelunciecha (short paddling) and continuing as on the way to the Glera de Anayet, to finish on the ski slopes back to the Anayet Parking.

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A few weeks ago several readers asked me for my cholesterol values and other biochemical parameters, because of the low-carbohydrate diet and high in healthy fats (including natural saturated fats).
Several readers, after a few months with a diet high in healthy fats, had seen their total cholesterol go up (most of them by raising HDL) and were worried. They wanted to know what my values were, eating «so much fat».
The truth is that I was curious to know how my HDL, triglycerides, glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c), 25-OH-Vitamin D, as well as inflammation markers such as Ferritin, fibrinogen or P.C.R. values were.
Experts in this field say that the best marker of cardiovascular risk lies in the Triglycerides/HDL ratio. If you have a ratio higher than 3 or 3.5 it is very likely that you have insulin resistance or an incipient metabolic syndrome (a precursor stage of type 2 diabetes). It is usually related to an elevated abdominal circumference.


I want to say, first of all, that I am a big follower of Marcos Vazquez and that not only I agree with almost everything he says in his web, podcasts, instagram and books, but I have also enjoyed and learned a lot with his book: Ancestral Lessons for a WILD HEALTH and that now I am underlining (because you have to underline a lot) his book INVICTO (which I have printed in pdf, as it is available only in e-book and audio).
In the talks I have been giving in various cities around the country (until confinement has cancelled them) I usually explain how energy is distributed from triglycerides through our body, in times of fasting, when we don’t have the chylomicrons of dietary fat circulating.
It is especially at times of fasting (when we take off an anaemic) that the release cycle of VLDL (Very Low Density LipoProteins) particles from the liver into the bloodstream occurs most, to provide energy from Triglycerides (TG) to the cells of the body.

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We talked some time ago with the pediatrician Jorge García Dihinx about the cholesterol and statins in La gran mentira del colesterol (The great lie of cholesterol), although I should point out that Jorge is very much into low-carb.
After recommending my father to stop taking them because they were giving him joint problems and not being very clear whether a change in his diet and doing some exercise would be enough, I was not sure to what extent to contradict the doctors who prescribe them… Although there are other doctors like Jorge or Álvaro Campillo who do not recommend them for the vast majority of cases.
It is true that we have a formula that gives us indications of cardiovascular risk, which is triglycerides/HDL cholesterol, which ideally should be below 2… But we did not have much more…
…until I heard Jorge again (in this interview done by the guys from sanofuertefeliz) mention this website ( On it you enter your age, total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, blood pressure, whether you are male or female, race and whether you suffer from diabetes or smoke.

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