Bar valgame dios madrid

Bar valgame dios madrid

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She says that, before «all this», when celebrations and hugs were still allowed, they organized their meals among friends in a loft that they rented for private events (as Raquel has a location agency, Rock and Loft), instead of using their house. A meeting point that became a must in their lives… and in Madrid’s nightlife. The same as Válgame Dios, which the former couple owns together with Beatriz Álvarez and Candela Arroyo, where artists, presenters and ministers have passed through the tables of Javier Ambrossi (one of the Javis) and the actress Belén Cuesta served drinks behind the bar while they struggled to get the musical La llamada off the ground. For that reason he welcomes us here. «It’s the family business, and like my second home. It’s where we celebrate birthdays. Also, for me it meant the beginning of a new professional stage.»
For 4 people. Difficulty: low. Preparation: 45 minutes: 500 g chestnuts, 200 g boletus, 1 l chicken stock, 1⁄2 l liquid cream, extra virgin olive oil, salt, black pepper, fresh parsley.Steps: Peel the chestnuts and put them in a casserole together with the chicken stock at room temperature. Turn on the heat to medium power and cook until the chestnuts are tender. Reserve some for the garnish and add the cream to the casserole. When it comes to a boil, remove and set aside. In a frying pan, sauté the boletus with a few drops of extra virgin olive oil over high heat and season with salt and pepper. Keep half for the presentation and mash the rest with the cream and the cooked chestnuts. Pass the result through a chinois and season with salt. You must obtain a homogeneous and silky texture: pour it into a bowl and spread the reserved chestnuts and boletus on top. Finish with a few drops of olive oil, black pepper and some parsley leaves.nougat cheesecake

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«Using the words Chueca and bar de copas [to talk about the subject] reflects on the person who says it. I went for a hamburger dinner at a restaurant with my chief of staff and, as you can see in the photo, we were with the cell phone on the table. The place is ten minutes away from the Ministry of the Interior. And the thing is that, as a minister, I’m still doing the same life I did before. I went down to dinner after being at the ministry all day and I came back as soon as I finished,» said Marlaska when Ana Rosa asked him about it.
The presenter of the program even added: «And it is also five minutes away from his house», emphasizing how normal this is. «Yes, but I now, for security reasons, live in the ministry, and I spend the day there. I insist that I still do the same life as when I was not a minister. And now, as when I was a magistrate, I work around the clock. I repeat that I was with my chief of staff, we ate a hamburger, because the place is not a cocktail bar but a restaurant, and whoever gives the news in this way portrays himself», he insisted.

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But he is not left behind, and Santi Carbonés has a long business career, a facet for which he is known. His best known businesses are those that have to do with the hotel and catering business both in Madrid and Cadiz.
An example of these businesses is the restaurant Válgame Dios, located in Augusto Figueroa street (Madrid) and perhaps the best known local businessman. Founded in 2011, only with this bar Santi managed to bill 669,679 euros, thus obtaining a profit of 21,790 euros.

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We start the week with a new proposal for afterwork: Válgame Dios. We found this curious bar in the district of Chueca, specifically in the street Augusto Figueroa, 43. The most particular thing about this place is the fusion of the fashion outlet concept with the bar-restaurant that unfolds inside. The decoration, very successful, shows the exhibitions and mannequins of the store, while a curious collection of portraits of celebrities runs along the walls.
This week we come back with a new afterwork suggestion: Válgame Dios. It is a place located in the Chueca district, calle Augusto Figueroa 43. The place is peculiar due to the fusion of a fashion outlet with a restaurant-bar. The selected decoration is appropriate for the exhibitions and clothes’displays, while a huge collection of celebrity portraits decorates its walls.
This multifunctional establishment is recommended throughout the day because it adapts perfectly to different uses. When it opens at noon, it functions mainly as a fashion store, while when the food arrives, it offers a quality menu that varies daily in some of its hot dishes. Finally, when the evening falls, the drinks take over. In short, a good place to relax with friends.

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