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I give away mini toy bichon maltese puppies(+34642511409) gift mini toy (+34642511409)bichon maltese puppies for free adoption,all(+34642511409) puppies are healthy and come with their pedigree, vaccinated, dewormed and with microchip. they are male and female. they are males and females.(+3464252511409)contact me instead of my email for photos and more his whatsapp for more(+34642511409)

I give away mini toy bichon maltese puppies(+34643530225) (+34643530225)«`please send me a message through my whatsapp for more information(+34643530225) I give away mini toy bichon maltese puppies for free adoption,all puppies are healthy and come along with their pedigree,vaccinated,dewormed and microchipped. (+34643530225) amplíasgarantías sanitarias. are males and hembras.contacta instead of my mail for photos and more information..contacta with your whatsa…

I give away mini toy bichon maltese puppies (+34643530225) gift mini toy bichon maltese puppies for free adoption, all (+34643530225)puppies are healthy and come with their pedigree, vaccinated, dewormed. extensive health guarantees. they are males and females.(+34643530225)

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It is depicted on Greek pottery and is mentioned in the writings of many Roman poets and historians. It has been mentioned since the time of the Roman Empire and may have been known even earlier. The Maltese may be the oldest European lapdog breed. It is known to have been taken to various places along the shores of the Mediterranean.

The ancestors of this breed lived in the port areas of the maritime cities of the Mediterranean with the mission of hunting the rats and mice that accumulated in the ships and warehouses. Its name, Maltese, seems to come from the word málat, which means port, and not from Melitae as one might at first think. However, málat is a word that was used in many maritime areas, including the island of Mljet (Dalmatia), so this island cannot be ruled out as its origin. Another hypothesis is its origin from Sicily (Melita).

It is good to take them to obedience classes to interact with other dogs. Taking them for a walk would also serve to make them sociable since they do not require much exercise, and in adults it is necessary to maintain their weight and the best way to do it is to control what they eat and take them for a walk. Attention should be paid to the hair, and the help of a dog groomer may be needed from time to time.

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Levante la tapa $ 80NegociableBedford, WA25/10/2021Cute perrera de maderaGran condición. Limpio. Fuerte perrera de madera. 76cm de largo x 54cm de ancho x 52cm de alto. Puerta 30cm de ancho x 35cm de alto.$40NegociableMarangaroo, WA28/09/2021Cachorros de mastín inglésSomos miembros de la Asociación de Criadores Responsables de Mascotas miembro 8105

Animamos a la formación de los cachorros como estos dog$500NegotiableYokine, WA24/11/2021Large Custom Made Colorbond Dog KennelLarge Colorbond dog kennel que fue hecho a medida. Ha estado bajo techo todo el tiempo que lo hemos tenido. Medidas: Longitud- 93cm ( en el punto más ancho)

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South park kenny plush-toy 16cm. Available litter of bichons already for delivery… bred in family environment with the best care. We cannot accept responsibility for returned items that are lost in transit.

With his veterinary card to the current. I sell bichon maltese toy puppy with three months because of an allergy problem we can not keep it at home. For sale bichon maltese toy . Price 315 .If you have any questions ….

For sale bichon maltese toy puppy three months old because of an allergy problem we can not keep him at home. parents American and Korean line. Disney Animation & Live Action for sale, used but in good condition. Price 3,5…

Jurassic world dinosaur toy figure super colossal. Must have registered pedigree to be able to register. lovely bichon maltese toy puppy. «If breakdown is agreed, either refund the money or supply a replacement .

They are delivered with:primer, corresponding vaccinations and dewormed. Bichon maltese toy . It is no longer manufactured and the stores are out of stock. This brand new, packed, buy it and never get to use it. Only 3.56. It can be…

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