Canciones de autobus graciosas

Canciones de autobus graciosas


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Children’s songs 1960

Yes, the truth is that we had a lot of fun in them since we left in those school buses that the school rented for these excursions. It was to get on the bus and start to enjoy singing the typical songs to pass the time and to make the trip more enjoyable.
One sardine (the others repeat it)two sardinesthree sardinesand a cat.they bet the way to get into a shoe.water-water-water-water-water-chichiachi-chi-chi-chi-chi-guaguawhich is repeated by my friend (name of the one who has to sing).

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In this dance besides singing you learn to eat healthy, there are different versions, the one we like the most is the one that mentions a lot of fruits. There is also the dance of the salad which is the same, but the ingredients of that dish are used.
It is a song that we all know, it is sung in all the verbenas and the dance is very funny. It serves to learn the kitchen utensils at the same time that we laugh with the gestures.
With the letters of Mary’s name we say words that begin with M, then A… and so on. M for Mother, A for Friend, R for Rose… It is very easy to learn, it is very catchy and when the letters of the name are finished, the song ends.

17:24how to jump rope | baby juan’s nursery rhymes | little …little angel español – canciones infantilesyoutube – 22 apr 2021

A few verses that bring together pig slaughter, famine in Ethiopia and Galician summers in the 80’s when it was so sunny you had to wear sunglasses at night (that was why, wasn’t it?). A nice reminder about eye health to prepare for your trip, especially in summer: don’t believe what the weather people say and bring your sunglasses. You’ll need them.
We in Galicia have a special gift for taking songs from others and improving them, as we have already seen with the case of Siniestro Total, as Herdeiros da Crus also did (listen to Vaiche boa) and as De Vacas have just done with the omnipresent and terrible Despacito. Much more sensual, much more suggestive, much more responsible (sex for sure!) and with much more retranca and humor. If you have the goal of flirting when you come here, get ready to listen to it.
Another Galician Despacito! This one, in a rural and ecologically conscious key, will help you understand one of the great dramas of our mountains so that you don’t suddenly find yourself asking someone why the hell there are so many eucalyptus trees, sorry, alcolitos. And, above all, so that you don’t find yourself commenting that they don’t really seem so bad to you. Páramo Pictures have many other versions of big radio hits, all with the Galician countryside as a backdrop.

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