El arenal de moris

El arenal de moris

Camping ribadesella

770 meters of golden sand for one of the most frequented beaches of the council of Caravia. El Arenal de Morís has excellent facilities, access for people with reduced mobility and a wide range of hotels and restaurants.
With a high landscape value, it is very suitable for rock fishing and underwater fishing. It also has an area where surfing is common, in fact, in November, hosts the regional surfing championship. A 12-kilometer coastal path leads to the beach of La Griega (Colunga).

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This article is the solution when you have the doubt of whether to make a route or go to the beach. In Asturias, we can combine both things. The result of the mixture are the coastal paths and here we tell you in detail the one that connects the beach of La Griega with Arenal de Morís, passing through several beaches in between and in La Griega, in addition, you can see dinosaur footprints. Who gives more?
It is a very beautiful stretch of the Asturian coast, not very exploited, touristically speaking, and that cries out to spend a night. We leave you the link of the most outstanding areas through which this walk runs:
The route can be done either from La Griega to Arenal de Morís and back (unless you spend the night), or from Arenal de Morís to La Griega and back. We chose the first option because it is closer to home by car.
We parked in the parking lot of La Griega beach. In summer it is usually crowded so if you go in the summer season we recommend you to arrive early. If you arrive late, no problem, there is also a private parking (for a few euros all day) in a meadow next to the beach.

Vega beach

WIDE LEISURE OFFERThinking of satisfying the taste for sports leisure, in Arenal de Morís we have a tennis court and swimming pool as part of our facilities. In addition, in the surroundings of the campsite you can find access to water sports, hiking trails and golf course.
Oviedo, 55 km away, capital of the Principality of Asturias, with its outstanding pre-Romanesque monuments. Gijón, 50 km away, the most important coastal city in the region. Ribadesella, 12 km away, famous for its International Descent of the Sella and its Tito Bustillo cave (prehistoric cave with cave paintings). Massif of the Picos de Europa, 35 km away. Covadonga and Los Lagos, very close, are worth a visit. Santander, 100 km away.

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Rioseco is the capital of the council of Sobrescobio. It is located 380 m above sea level, near the reservoir of the same name, and is crossed by the AS-17 road. It preserves good examples of traditional architecture, such as hórreos (granaries) with sober carved ornaments, and a hermitage dedicated to Santo Toribio. In Rioseco begins the route P.R. AS-122, which is the starting point of…TownAsturias, Sobresobio, Rioseco
Udrión is a place and parish of the council of Oviedo. It is located near the N-634 road, on the left bank of the Nalón. It belonged to Grao until the end of the 19th century. There are still some good traditional buildings, a modern church dedicated to San Nicolás, a lime kiln and remains from the Civil War. …CityAsturias, Oviedo, Udrión
This beach, also known as Santa Marina, is the sandy area of the fishing and tourist town of Luanco. It was regenerated in 1995, since it used to lose all its sandy area at high tide. Since then it has become a very frequented cove and has excellent services. The church of Santa María finishes off the landscape of this …BeachAsturias, Gozón, Luanco

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