La 8 bierzo tv

La 8 bierzo tv

Channel 8 soria

This channel was known as CyL8 or L’Ocho de Castiella y Llión Televisión since its creation, until September 4th, 2011, a change announced by the general director of Radio Televisión de Castiella y Llión on August 31st during the presentation of the new television season. In this new season, CyL7 and CyL8 will be renamed CYLTV and La 8. This change became effective at 00:00 on Monday, September 5, 2011, when the channel’s logo changed to a figure with a colored background and an 8 inside it, and in the channel’s information, La 8 appears instead of CyL8 and the name of the territorial center from which it is broadcast.
La 8 achieved one of its highest daily audience figures on May 28, 2017 thanks to the Second Division promotion playoff match between Cultural Leonesa and FC Barcelona B, with a 2.3% audience share.

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La Casa Sobre Ruedas (The House on Wheels) Entertainment television program, where Manuel Martínez, from Castilla y León, Castilla y León Sports Award and Olympic medalist, and cameraman Álvaro Paramio will travel around Castilla y León aboard a motorhome in search of adventure.
Grana y Oro A program dedicated to bullfighting on Castilla y León Televisión, directed and presented by Carlos Martín Santoy. Reports, summary of bullfighting fairs and celebrations, also in the set with the presence of important figures in the bullfighting field.


Mónica Domínguez, from El Bierzo, will bring the world closer to Cuatro’s viewers with the channel’s new television program. The reporter from Ponferrada, Mónica Domínguez, as has advanced, is part of the team of reporters that every week will show different points of the world geography.
Viajeros Cuatro’ is the new travel program directed by Nacho Medina that Cuatro will premiere this Wednesday, April 4, with a visit to the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area, in northern California, United States.

33:19cyltv news 20.30 hours (24/04/2021)castilla y león televisiónyoutube – 24 apr 2021

Last Friday, January 15th, the TV Channel 8 BIERZO echoed the participation of our school in the Ambassador Schools Project of the European Parliament. Thanks to their collaboration we could count on their program to explain clearly what are the activities that we have to develop throughout this academic year and until May 9. We hope that some students will be able to attend another date with the channel so that they themselves can present first hand the work they are doing in class.

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