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After studying Hispanic philology at the University of Deusto[3] she moved to Madrid to continue her studies with a master’s degree in journalism. In 2004 he moved to Barcelona and started studying gastronomy at the Escuela de Hostelería Hofmann[4].
He created the culinary blog Ondakín, with which he won the award for best cook blogger of 2009 from Canal Cocina.[7] This was the origin of what would become the project that made him famous, El Comidista, in the newspaper El País.[5] He has worked for Canal+ and Telemarketing, as well as for the Spanish TV channel Telemarketing.[6] He has worked for the Spanish TV channel Canal+.
He has worked at Canal+ and Telemadrid.[4] He starred in El Comidista TV, a gastronomic program broadcast from July to September 2017 on La Sexta. In 2018 she became part of the team of the program Liarla Pardo de Cristina Pardo, on the same channel.[1] In June 2018, she was a member of the team.
In June 2018 he premiered on YouTube the channel called El Comidista on EL PAÍS, where he publishes weekly videos on gastronomy, cooking, nutrition, restaurants, products, among other food-related topics.[8]

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The other place is the ‘Pastelería Suiza’, which has been around forever and reminds me a lot of my aunt Luisi, one of their most loyal customers. They make a lighter version of the bun (and the best almond-filled croissants in the universe). I was especially excited to go to both places to do a report for El Comidista, to be honest, because I always try to visit them whenever I go to Bilbao.
In my youth it was a degraded and almost dangerous area, now it is multiethnic and has a modern part (the closest to the estuary) where there are stores, bars and restaurants quite interesting, such as ‘El Laterío’, the pizzeria ‘Dimaio’ or the Anti bookstore. I really like ‘El Laterío’, it is a very authentic place specialized in cans. I also recommend the pizzeria: they make pizza the way it should be made, with good dough, Italian style, not American. The truth is that the neighborhood is very good, it is something like the Raval of Barcelona, which has gone from being a place left behind, a kind of Chinatown, to a more modern, more chic place.

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MIKEL LÓPEZ ITURRIAGA ⇒ Topics related to food are difficult to fit in. Because gastronomy has a part of culture, but there are many things we talk about in El Comidista that have nothing to do with it, such as food and nutrition. And talking about mayonnaise next to a Philip Roth book, well, no, because they have nothing to do with each other… But the way of writing about gastronomy has improved, and there are people who do a job comparable to quality cultural journalism.
MIKEL LÓPEZ ITURRIAGA ⇒ When you’re in a bar at night and someone comes up to you, either stoned or stoned, and starts giving you a hard time… It recently happened to me in Bilbao: a guy cornered me at the bar and gave me a hard time, but these are the exception. In general, people are very polite and come up to tell you how much they like what you do. I’m a bit shy when it happens, because it’s hard for me to manage other people’s appreciation, especially if it’s very effusive.
MIKEL LÓPEZ ITURRIAGA ⇒ We have our share of responsibility and guilt [laughs]. Because we have provoked the awakening of interest in food in people of a certain age who are involved in networks.

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Born in Bilbao in 1967, this philologist, journalist and food critic moved to Madrid and after working for the music section of El País, he worked at Loquesea.com and Ya.com.  He has also collaborated in the Catalan newspaper La Vanguardia, as well as in Rolling Stone and Marie Claire magazines. He was also editor-in-chief of the newspaper ADN until early 2009.
With the culinary blog Ondakín he won the award for best cook blogger in Canal Cocina, a specialized online television station. This was the origin of what would become the project that made him famous, El Comidista.