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The idea is that you can shop and avoid cleaning products and cosmetics from companies that still test on animals. It’s very easy, the app allows you to scan the barcodes and gives you immediate information about the company that manufactures that product.

In Europe they have also banned the sale of cosmetics that have been tested on animals anywhere in the world, including cosmetics whose ingredients or combinations of ingredients may have been tested on animals. (+ info on the EU website)

This is particularly important and is one of the big problems in the USA since many companies that claim not to test on animals sell their cosmetics in China and in this country it is mandatory to test all cosmetics on animals!

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The El Corte Inglés toy catalog arrives today, Thursday, October 29th, to all department stores and Supercor and Supercor Express centers. In addition, they can be viewed and downloaded both on the web and from the new app of El Corte Inglés.

From traditional wood to toys certified as sustainable, in the case of El Corte Inglés branded toys, they have a specific packaging in which environmental awareness messages have been incorporated. These sustainable toys indicate the material with which they are made, highlighting those from sustainable forests, 100% biodegradable, or stuffed animals whose stuffing is made from recycled pet bottles from the seabed.

El Corte Inglés will dedicate a space in its stores to Disney where you can find its most famous plush toys, as well as different toys from its wide variety of brands, from the great classics to Marvel, Star Wars and its expanded universe of Mandalorian, as well as Disney Princesses or Frozen, among others.

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The Yorkshire terrier is a breed of dog resulting from the combination of Scottish and English terriers, which originated when part of the population of Scotland was displaced, due to the Industrial Revolution, and settled in England.

Huddersfield Ben (ca. 1865 – September 23, 1871) was a famous dog, his portrait was painted by George Earl[7]and, in 1891 an authority on the breed wrote: «Huddersfield Ben was the best sire of his breed throughout his life, and one of the most remarkable dogs of any animal breed that ever existed, and most of the specimens at shows today have one or more crosses of his blood in their pedigree.»[8] They tend to bark a lot, and are very barky and barking.

They tend to bark a lot, and this makes them excellent watchdogs, as they will sound the alarm when someone approaches and appears threatening. If excessive barking becomes a problem, it can be solved with proper training.

In adults, importance is placed on coat color, quality and texture.[17]The coat should be glossy, straight and silky; it is traditionally long with a parting in the middle of the back, which «should not impede movement.»[18]From the back of the neck to the base of the tail, the coat should be a dark gray to black color, and the tail hair should be a darker black. On the head, chest and legs, the coat should have a glossy, rich tan, darker at the roots than in the middle, shading to a light tan at the tips. Also, in adult dogs, there should be no dark hairs mixed into any part of the tan color.

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