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Comet association

The shelter has about 50 dogs and 20 cats. “We’ve never had so few dogs as we do right now,” Yadira celebrates. She recalls that in March, before the confinement, there were twice as many. The pandemic boosted adoptions, but also changed the choice of pets. “Cat adoption is being noticed more than dog adoption. Older people or those at risk opt more for a cat because they don’t want to go out,” they explain at Mougá.
Another of the ways of arrival at the shelter is the surrender of the animal by the owner. The request is made through the mancomunidad and must be justified with official reports. “Right now they accept them for financial, medical or death reasons”, they clarify in Mougá. They emphasize that in these cases it is mandatory that the dog is in order.
The microchip is mandatory for dogs. And not having it can have serious consequences. “Without a chip the dog has no owner,” they warn. If you lose it, you will have trouble justifying that it is yours. Yanida recalls the case of a girl who lost her dog without a microchip and was lucky enough to be picked up by Mougá’s workers: “If in that case someone takes it and decides to keep it, you are left without a dog”.


The animal shelter of Mougá is a center dedicated to house domestic animals that need a home until they are recovered by their owners or adopted by a new family.
The municipalities of the Mancomunidad are fully aware of the importance of collaborating in the protection of the rights of animals, as well as the fundamental role of the citizenship in the responsible keeping of animals and in the condemnation and persecution of mistreatment and abandonment.
If you have lost your pet, or if you wish to adopt an animal, you can contact the animal shelter at the following telephone number and e-mail address, or visit the center during the hours indicated below.

Protector arco da vella

The animal shelter of Mougá occupies an area of 1,000 square meters in which there are compartments for the stay of animals, a veterinary clinic and quarantine rooms for animals and a lazaretto for sick animals. The expansion work included the construction of a covered module for housing another 50 dogs and another, also covered, for cats, with an enclosed courtyard, which includes three new spaces for cats, each with a capacity for 12, a total of 36 new places.
The expansion of the shelter facilities that the Mancomunidad has just completed was paid for entirely by the member municipalities. The occupied surface was increased from 1,000 square meters to 1,350 square meters, of which 228 are destined to the new facilities for dogs and cats.
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Coruña animal protection society

I have a house in a quiet area, where the care of your pet will be the priority. Your pet would be at home, with my family, as if it were one more, I have three dogs, sociable and educated for this purpose, so it will never be alone or bored.
Hello I love animals. I don’t have professional experience but I have private experience. I was a volunteer at the animal shelter, I have been a foster home for cats and dogs. I have also had cats all my life so I have a lot of experience with them.