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The municipal kennel, animal shelter, of the city where I live, Getafe (Madrid), is going through a serious situation and the animals that live in it are the big losers. FAPAM has been denouncing for some time the mistreatment and neglect of the dogs and cats that live there, but the City Council seems to do nothing about it.

This animal shelter is currently run by a cleaning company (Lyma) whose staff is obviously not qualified to take care of these poor animals. Although there are volunteers who try to do their best, and in fact many animals have saved their lives thanks to them, they are being made miserable and accused of stealing material and other lies. Undoubtedly if they are still there it is because of the respect and love they have for the animals.

In this center most of the animals present are cats, as they do not allow volunteers for dogs and, although a veterinarian comes twice a week, they do not explain very well why the state of the animals is so pitiful: there are dying cats and even dead in their cages, dogs with infections and diseases… A dramatic situation for which nobody does anything.

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Today we echo a news that FAPAM (Federación de Asociaciones y Protectoras de Defensa Animal de la Comunidad de Madrid), of which ALBA is a member, has published and that we have to spread so that it stops happening. What we denounce is the suffering of animals in the kennel of Getafe, something as intolerable as avoidable. Share this news because only with the strength of all of us we can change this terrible situation.

In this kennel no volunteers are allowed to take out or work with the dogs. The excuse is that the volunteers are inexperienced and that the animals’ reactions are unpredictable. Curious excuse considering that the staff in charge has no training. At ALBA we have volunteers who have no training but who learn little by little, besides, there are many animals that do not require trained people to walk them or clean their kennels. That is the reason why FAPAM has more information about cats, volunteers can be with them.

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So far we have not found any irregularities that make us suspect that the animals are being mistreated. We asked to see the space shown in the video, and we were told that it is the «quarantine» room, because it is where the sick cats are kept while they are ill. We want to see it.

They open a door and we enter the treatment room. We were expecting something more complete, because we only see a table, a basin, and some sanitary products. We ask if they perform surgeries there, «Yesterday two cats were spayed or neutered here. If it is a more complex operation, then the vet takes them to a facility where there is an operating room,» they explain to us. «Is the vet here every day?» we ask. «No, only a few days a week,» they reply.

«In this Center the staff we have fought hard for the animals to be in good conditions», the worker tells us. «Not long ago it was in worse conditions, but now for example, the floor has been made of concrete because before it was dirt», and we get an idea of how the dogs must have been on days like today, with rain and cold.

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