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Thus, the police have detailed that in their Internet communications with people with sensitivity for animals and interested in adopting dogs instead of buying them, they provided false photos of attractive puppies that they claimed to have available for adoption at that time in the shelter.

In this way, once the money had been sent, the victims never received any further communication from the detainees and never heard from them again. Having received the payment by bank transfer, the money disappeared within minutes, making it very difficult to trace.

In the investigation, carried out by the agents of the Specialized and Violent Crimes Unit UDEV, the Police verified through the registry of the City Council of Jerez that this entity did not exist and identified the two people allegedly responsible behind the identity provided as a directive.

For all these reasons, the National Police recommends to maintain a sensible caution before carrying out any interaction of an economic nature or any other type, with organizations that claim to work with social and/or solidarity objectives or are constituted as NGOs, also in the case of animal protection.

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The list is sorted alphabetically by provinces and localities. The ones that appear with the name in bold are integrated in the Plataforma Animalista Andaluza (Andalusian Animal Platform). We would appreciate your help in keeping this Directory complete and up to date by sending us any updates. Thank you!

S.P.A.P. Campo de Gibraltar C/ La Mediana s/n. 11205 Algeciras Phone: 956 63 02 83

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Our goal as a protector is that our animals find a home where they can be happy for the rest of their lives. And that, while they are with us their quality of life is the best possible, help them to live free of their fears and in short, to be happier and be prepared to find a new family.

At the moment we have 26 dogs, we are a very humble shelter, with few members and resources, so we are almost always at a minimum. Any help as diffusion, donations of feed, medicines, deworming and cleaning material for us is something very necessary and that we appreciate very much.

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I am an obsessed with animals, I love them, I adore them, it is what I like most in this world, I do not care what kind of animal it is because as I said before I love them and I could take care of any animal delighted.

Normally when I welcome a dog in my home, I do activities with him inside and outside the house. It is important that the animal learns inside and outside. I make games, training, exercises for your dog to learn inside and outside…..

I would be willing to take pets for a walk if necessary, or to meet all kinds of needs required by the animal. I have always loved animals and it would be no burden to take care of them.

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