Protectora de animales orihuela

Spap protectora baix

In any case, here you will be able to find the information you need to enter and also to be informed of all the tasks and resources you have to participate in a new stage, either personal or instructive.
These centers are specified in the protection of animals, whether they are dogs or cats. They take care of them until a person arrives and adopts them. The adoption of the animals can be difficult if the animal is not in conditions to leave the center, either by affection or by protocol, since it is examined who welcomes it and to which family it goes.
They are welcoming spaces where the main objective is to protect the dogs from the streets. In these centers the volunteers are usually skilled and can assist you in everything you need to sponsor or leave your animal.
These centers specialize in shelters for abandoned, lost or homeless animals. They are also the end of the line for an imported animal that is found at customs or on the black market. The animals are cared for and can be visited by volunteers.

Adoption dogs torrevieja

If your dog got lost and somehow found its way to us, congratulations! Your dog is safe and cared for by volunteers who selflessly give their all for these animals. However, it could not have been so lucky and now regret a much worse end. From the Association we ask
On many occasions we hear people tell us, «I would go but I am very sad to see them», precisely our presence, the presence of volunteers is what gives them life, our cuddles, our time, our caresses, those walks, is the engine that makes these animals have a life a little sweeter in how they spend in the shelter, if you like animals, if you want to be part of this project encourage you, approach us, ask any questions, they need you, they need your support.
The protector takes the drastic decision to temporarily close the service of collecting abandoned pets (dogs and cats) in the town of Callosa de Segura, since we have been since the month of NOVEMBER 2019 without collecting the fees by the council, for the service we provide to the town.

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Protectora de animales la nucìa

I have several pets well pampered as they deserve. The first one is my African hedgehog, she was given to me as a gift because she was no longer wanted. My dog Kira, who is my life, rescued from the street as well as two cats I have. I also have a guinea pig too…
And a 4 months old kitten which I had a hard time raising, because she was brought to me when she was two weeks old and I didn’t know how to feed her, help her to do her needs, clean her… and with internet tutorials I learned to take care of her properly, and now I have her very healthy and full of life.


Due to the serious floods that Alicante has suffered due to the cold drop and in our spirit of helping to know first hand how are the critters that usually attends the Protectora Asoka Orihuela we have contacted them to clarify the doubts we have. This is what they have answered us:
Access to the shelter is very dangerous, but as soon as we know we will let you know. All the care of the animals is guaranteed, so we ask you to refrain from helping for the moment. We will keep you informed on our website.
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