Santos ochoa calvo sotelo

Santos ochoa calvo sotelo

illustrations in santosochoa and casa del libro.

Book of recommended reading for the hunter, the fisherman, the silvestrist, the survivor, the curious and the nostalgic. Also for the professional and for anyone who wants to better understand our rural world, its uses and customs. A review of ancient traps, used by our grandparents, up to modern, authorized and ethical trapping.
Rosario Ventura will go through three scenarios during the second half of the twentieth century. The rural world of a village anchored in time, both in its relational aspects and in its life expectations. Little by little, everything will be slightly moved by the very different reference that she represents.
Madrid at a time of student effervescence in the late Franco era, during the time when she studied law. And later, with the social changes of the Transition after Franco’s death. Finally, the commercial world of the big law firms in London, where she worked for a while.
Undoubtedly, in this way we would have had the sensation of being in front of a more orderly book. But that is exactly what Iosu does not want. She does not want to fragment the book because reality is not fragmented. He wants to show us the whole, that life, at the same time, can be hard and beautiful, that we have to fight and love at the same time, that they are all different points of view on the same life, which is the one we have to live.

silvia eguíluz presents «entre garnacha y tempranillo».

The event will start at 7.30 p.m. and will be broadcast on Those wishing to attend in person should reserve a seat at
His main lines of research are collective identities, the sociology of education and changes in social structure and social classes, among others. Author of more than fifty national and international publications, he has been a visiting researcher at the University of Texas at San Antonio (USA).

talk with olga moreno, psychomotor therapist

In this book Laura Mullor tells us her most important experiences until today. She reviews her best travel anecdotes, her childhood, her friends, her high school, her relationship with her followers, etc. All this from her best phrases that already inspire thousands of teenagers. Laura’s phrases will give rise to talk about the star topics among teenagers: love, friendship, high school and her hobbies like Tik-Tok.
Laura Mullor is one of the most powerful musers of the moment with more than 630,000 followers on Tik Tok and more than 450,000 on Instagram. In addition, she has a great participation of her followers, her publications accumulate hundreds of thousands of likes and thousands of comments.

patricia benito presents «every night i write to you

From COCEMFE Valencia launch the first edition of ‘CULTURAL CYCLE DESCOBRIM’, an initiative that seeks to promote a cultural space for exchange of artistic expressions, working on the democratization of access to culture for people with disabilities.
Next August 27th at 19 h. I will recite «Aisha» in Poesía de Quitería. Festival of Arts and Letters of Tomelloso. In the Antonio López Torres Stage, located in the Temporary Hall of the Antonio López Torres Museum. All the program here …
It is an intensive face-to-face workshop that I will be pleased to facilitate from July 27 to 29 at Bibliocafé and that tries to overcome the traditional concept of poetry and expand the poetic fact beyond the written text. To this end, it offers a tour through the contents of…
On Saturday June 19 at 19 h., POR LA VIDA, in its trio version (with Escandar Algeet, María Nieto and myself), will be on the stage Méquina Delicada in La Sala Experimental del Centro de Cultura Miguel Delibes within the International Festival of Literature in…

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