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It is clear that the Corte Inglés shopping centers offer much more services than just the store and restaurant. Thus, we can find dry cleaners, hairdressers, pharmacies, opticians and even post offices. A new service has now been added to all this: the veterinary clinic.

The pet health service is provided by the Zooplanet group, which specializes in stores and veterinary clinics, and the management formula is through corners rented to El Corte Inglés. The department stores explain that this decision is part of the group’s philosophy of providing the widest possible service to customers. It is therefore likely that more stores will be added soon.

For the moment, the two stores with veterinary clinics, Castellano and Preciados, have a similar space, of about 160 square meters, where veterinarians will attend to pets. In addition, the one in Castellana is a center open at street level and includes 24-hour hospital services, although it is also directly linked to the pet food area of the store.

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Within the Fred&Rita space, «OPENVET by El Corte Inglés» offers, under the veterinary direction of José Luis Blázquez Lumbreras, a 24-hour veterinary service, consultations, vaccinations and other clinic services such as x-rays, ultrasound scans, endoscopies, operating room, as well as home consultations. The clinic also offers day care and spa services for pets.

Fish, jellyfish and aquariums will be the protagonists of an 80 m2 space where all the necessary information on aquarophilia will be given to those who want to start in this field as well as to those who wish to consolidate their hobby. With more than 200 species of fish, this store offers customers the possibility of custom-made aquariums, according to their needs.

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Together with the National Association for the Defense of Animals, it will promote and encourage the consumption of food products that include high animal welfare standards in their production methods.

The agreement includes a promotion of type O and 1 eggs (organic and free range respectively) from free-range hens with access to outdoor pens. In fact, El Corte Inglés is already a leader in the sale of this type of egg, which currently accounts for half of its total egg sales. El Corte Inglés and ANDA intend to give a boost to the consumption of this type of eggs with a commitment to withdraw the sale of eggs from caged hens by 2030.

This measure is part of a corporate Animal Welfare policy that El Corte Inglés has agreed with ANDA and which is part of the retailer’s Sustainable Development Plan. The Plan aims to promote organic food products along with those that incorporate high levels of animal protection and is an endorsement of the animal welfare policy of El Corte Inglés.

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