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Cuarto Milenio is a television program produced by Alma Producciones Digitales, directed and presented by journalists Iker Jiménez and Carmen Porter. This program is broadcasted weekly on Cuatro channel, since November 2005. The program deals with any topic related to the world of mystery and the unknown, including conspiracy, occultism, criminology, astronomy, ufology, psychology, parapsychology, demonology, archeology, history, zoology or physics, among others.

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Jaime Rubio, author in 1993 of ‘Historia Oculta de Canarias’, «it is clear that for those of us who do research, programs like Espacio en Blanco have helped to configure, from serenity and without passion, a space to explain to people things that are important even if they don’t seem so». Rubio recalls that «I did, among others, a book product of a series of investigations and, since 1997, those texts are randomly placed in European airline magazines because tourists who come to the Canary Islands devour those texts before landing or to plan their visits».10,000 people in a program in TenerifeMiguel Blanco’s relationship with the Canary Islands is extensive. «As the islands are of volcanic origin, a special kind of energy is created,» he said last June 2016 in a special broadcast of

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We talk to Ricardo Menéndez Salmón, the Asturian philosopher and writer who presents in ‘La rosa de los viento’ Horda, «a shocking parable about a police society marked by the censorship of words and the tyranny of images».

Javier Sevillano shares in ‘La rosa de los vientos’ the mysterious disappearance of REvil, a persecuted group of cybercriminals that disappeared from the map after a call from Joe Biden to Vladimir Putin.

With the help of Montserrat Aguer -the director of the Dalí Gala museums-, Silvia Casasola presents us in ‘La rosa de los vientos’, the passionate story of Gala Dalí, a woman whose importance transcends the muse.

Laurá Falcó Lara, the president of Prisma Publicaciones, reveals in ‘La rosa de los vientos’ some of the most surprising cases of people resurrected from the dead; people who one day were thought to be dead, but who in reality were still alive.

Tertulia Zona Cero with Manuel Carballal, Juanjo Sánchez-Oro, Josep Guijarro, Mado Martínez and Silvia Casasola. In the debate table of ‘La rosa de los vientos’ we discuss some of the enigmas that govern the present and that dominated the past.

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